Houses on rivers houses on cliffs houses on creeks
I have lived there so many times
Safest and laughing
at the thought of the odds against 

Dust on a moths wings
nighttime makes me all people
Mockingbirds and their car alarm calls 
Mirrored reflection defies my movements

Laughing because I know I haven't lived at that house for 10 years, or more.
I call it 'dream house' now.
Not because its extravagant.

The leaves out the window waited to be watched in fall.

Other peoples houses, other peoples lives.

Houses on cliffs, houses by water.  Comfortable, but also not.  I sleep closest to the window always.
Lake houses, river houses, springs, running up trees to safety.
Pet raccoons and a father who is responsible for his sons' death.

Secret wheatback pennies when they were worth something.

Hiding from bad people. Hiding in attics, hiding in trees, hiding in the mud.

Finding eggs in the tall grass.

Planning trips with friends and moving back to houses by water.

The egg was a peacock.

"Everythings good that you didnt do, but at the time you didnt want it"


SF Botanical Gardens






Analia Saban


The Brimham Rocks of North Yorkshire, England. These balancing rock formations were created by gradual water and wind erosion. One of the most striking formations is Idol Rock, a massive 200 tonne boulder balanced on a small pyramidal stone.

Paul Newman in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

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Monster Rally _ Jaguar II
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